Published on 6th July 2019

The suicide of butterflies

  • She said; I fear from people, they steal my soul.

  • April 8, 2016 a girl suicide from the balcony of the apartment in picture. Mohammad who saw her in the kitchen and he took her picture just few second before she jump.

  • Mehdi is 25 years old. He has done open-heart surgery and he touched the death. Now he always speak about the death and suicide. Mehdi is a sculptor but he can't publish his works because of the censorship.

  • Narges is 25 years old. She did suicide in 2014 and she survived from death. Sometimes she stifle the cigarettes on her breast.

  • Waiting...

  • November days, 2016 at the metro in Tehran city. On this day I read a news about the suicide of 4 person at the metro of Tehran.

  • asphyxia...

  • He says; I have big dreams but little world and achieve that seems impossible. So, why I live?

  • She says; I do not know my identity as a woman in Iran. My life is defined by restrictions. In such a situation, death is better than being.

  • On the day that I wanted to commit suicide. However, showing this fact in photography stopped me from doing suicide.

  • Metamorphosis...

  • She did suicide in 2016 and she survived from death. After committing suicide, she is hospitalized in a mental hospital.

  • He asked; what is the death color? Do you know?

  • The holiness...

  • Mina is 26 years old. She always spoke about suicide. I can't find her

  • She committing suicide in 2012 with a blade. She has hanging a fake blade on rear-view mirror of the car for remembering.

  • Suicide attempt among students has increased in Iran.

The suicide of butterflies

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