Published on 10th February 2018

From Labyrinth

  • When I see a butterfly, I remember the poets. They gave to us a little chance to be alive. Mazandaran, Iran.

  • Fear of naked body and gender issues hanging on the minds of these generations.

  • God and the Devil.

  • Kitchen of the fourth-year architecture student.

  • In May 2013, "Kamkar Osmani" has injured because of the remain mine explosion from (Iraq and Iran) war in Sardasht, Kurdestan, Iran. And he has lost his left eye. He was born in 2001.

  • Celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • My sister's school. She talk with me about the her friends depression and self-injuring.

  • At the cafeteria. When you see all the way ahead is closed, you get disappointed and you will smoke more and more.

  • Feeling of drowning.

  • "Tahmineh" is a dance teacher. She teach in her home. Dance is illegal in Iran's Islamic principles. Tahmineh loves dance. She live in Tehran, Iran.

  • Prayers for Eid al-Fitr near the border of Turkmenistan.

  • In religious communities, have sex before marriage is always accompanied by a background of fear. Mazandaran, Iran.

  • broken.

  • "Masoud" is 18 years old student. At the June 15, 2016 when he was with girlfriend at the park the police tried to catch they and he run away from them but unfortunately when he had try to jump from a wall he get broken his knee. In this mixed picture he is at the hospital after 4 hours surgical on his knee. Tabriz, Iran.

  • enemy.

  • holy depression. Mazandaran, Iran.

  • She said: “I’m not just a body.”

  • Love is difficult when you can't touch. Tabriz, Iran.

  • Concealing from the eyes. Tehran, Iran.

  • Coffee Tale, tell me my future. Now-days, girls in cafes are looking for their future in their coffee cup. Tabriz, Iran.

From Labyrinth

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