• Curated by Eefje Ludwig
  • Opening 29 January 2019
  • Closed 25 March 2019

Redamancy, the act of loving back, defines our very existence. It means surrendering yourself to someone and keeping yourself open to everything that might come in your way of love: the obstacles, emotions, vulnerabilities.

Parenthood is practising redamancy. It’s a life-defining journey of great learnings, of rediscovering the world we live in and often rediscovering oneself. The standing of a parent, or a caretaker, entails changing identities, facing unrealistic expectations, and going thru a constant transition.

This exhibition highlights a mosaic of intimate, poignant and illuminating works by eight different photographers from around the globe. Featured are works that tell us about being a parent and observing their children growing up, as the case of Elinor Carucci, Florencia Trincheri and Colin Pantall who examine the world of their own motherhood and fatherhood; we can see photographers as Vincent Ferrane or in a more fictional way as Guia Besana who are reflecting on their role as a parent and the everyday rituals involved; we have stories which are disclosing the desire to become one as in Olga Bushkova and Loulou d’Aki where we understand the realities of women who have chosen to become mothers with all their will; we see how, as a child, we reinforce our parents memory like Lebohang Kganye’s tries to remember her mother by becoming her mother.

What remains is that altogether these stories show us the variety of emotions and realities that relate to contemporary parenthood. It also shows how photographers often use their craft and lens to document and process becoming a parent, using it in a way as a self-portrait.

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Eefje Ludwig

Educator and Curator

Eefje is a Dutch photography advisor, educator and curator based in Amsterdam (NL). She holds a MA in Educational Sciences (University of Amsterdam) and studied photography at the Institut Catalan de Estudis Fotografics in Barcelona, Spain. She previously worked as a project manager and manager of Education Team at World Press Photo between 2008 and 2016. During those years she developed and coordinated different training projects and publications in the Middle-East, Africa and Latin America. For years, she coordinated the well-known Joop Swart Masterclass, which has brought forward many of nowadays big names in the industry of photojournalism and documentary photography. Since 2016 she works as an independent advisor, educator, editor and curator in the field of documentary photography and visual storytelling. She was the Artistic Director of the 2017 edition of Photoreporter Reporter Festival in Saint-Brieuc, France. She is Education Manager at PHmuseum since 2018 and also a founding member of MAPS Images and Transformations.

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