Various Artists


Enter the Exhibition

  • Curated by Void
  • Opening 27 November 2018
  • Closed 28 January 2019

It happened suddenly. Almost from one day to the other, the general public lost interest in starving artists. Once glorious, the hunger artist today sees himself without the crowd that used to attend his long performances. But instead of giving up, he now actually performs for longer, breaking all the records of his act to a point that he dies in his cage without any watching.

Sorry for the spoiler, but this synopsis is needed to understand the starting point of Hunger – a project created by Void in early 2018.

This text is more relevant than ever regarding the state of contemporary photography. We believe that photographers (and those working with photography, namely critics, editors, publishers, etc.) are hunger artists. The art they chose is, as a starting point, a practice with its golden days in the past. Even the title, “art” is sometimes put in check. And nonetheless, hype and new forms of art and entertainment may have diverted part of the crowd’s interest away. If someone is dedicated to photography, it is likely they are doing it for passion and inner necessity. Hunger artists don’t have to do their art. They must do it. For themselves. For their passion.

This project presents artists either personally invited by Void or selected via a free to enter open-call. Our aim was to showcase a range of both obscure and consolidated hunger artists, and an open-call is one of the few chances for emerging talented artists to make themselves visible.

Void believes this project is both a tribute to photographers and a statement of its own situation. As an independent organisation based in Greece trying to work with photography today, we are nothing but hunger artists ourselves.

Enter the Exhibition



  • Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth
    United States
  • Theo Elias
  • Albert Elm
  • Joan Fontcuberta
  • Erik Kessels
  • Thomas Sauvin
  • JH Engström



Publishing House & Independent Space

Founded in October 2016 by João Linneu (BRA), Myrto Steirou (GRE) and Sylvia Sachini (GRE), Void is a non-profit organization engaged in alternative publishing, exhibitions and education.

With focus on photography, Void has an alternative approach to it, exploring unorthodox design, communication and printing techniques to promote the medium.

Void has collaborated with international photographers and institutions like Athens Photo Festival, National Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens, Hydra, Gomma Books & Grant, Istanbul Photobook Festival, Lucy Art Residency, LensCulture, PHmuseum among others.

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