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  • Curated by Simone Sapienza
  • Opening 24 September 2018
  • Closed 26 November 2018

Minimum is a photographic “hot-spot”, in the heart of Palermo, founded and curated by people that have decided to move or come back to Sicily to host local and international cultural experiences. The Sicilian DNA has always been an ongoing cross-pollination of different cultures - Greeks, Normans, Arabians. Somehow, it still is - a kind of southern gate of Europe, where thousands of people try to arrive putting their lives at risk, while Sicilians themselves are free to leave. Beyond any border that sadly defines our right to mobility, we all look for a better future.

And the future belongs to us, including the responsibility of the world we live in. The whole Mediterranean basin has been listed among the most important regions for biodiversity in the world, put into risk by human beings. Sicily is placed at the heart of it, a powerful and strategic position even for the flow of data: fast internet communication cables coming from South-East Asia to Europe run through the Sicily-hub.

Hot-Spot is not meant to be a strictly defined exhibition focused on a "border-ed" concept; it is more a “magmatic” curatorial approach that embraces different meanings and visual languages, inspired by the meanings of the neologism “hot-spot” as a metaphor for Sicily and the world we live in.

Enter the Exhibition




Simone Sapienza

Photographer and Contributor to Minimum

Simone Sapienza (b.1990) is a documentary photographer, graduated in 2016 in Documentary Photography (First Class with Hons) from the University of South Wales – Newport.

In September 2018, his first photobook CHARLIE SURFS ON LOTUS FLOWERS has been published by AKINA Books.

He has received several international prizes awarded by The British Journal of Photography, PDN, Photographic Museum of Humanity, amongst others. His pictures have been published on several magazines such as Monopol, The British Journal of Photography, Io Donna, New Republic, PDN, La Stampa, Al Jazeera, La Repubblica, Vogue Italia and others. Simone has been exhibited and displayed worldwide in festivals, shows, screenings, such as JaipurPhoto, Fotoleggendo, BJP Breakthrough, Bitume Photofest, Pingyao Festival, Thessaloniki Photobiennale and many others listed below.

In 2015 he has co-founded Gazebook – Sicily Photobook Festival, while since 2016 he is aboard Minimum in Palermo, where he lives with his partner and their daughter.

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