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Enter the Exhibition

  • Curated by Cristobal Olivares , Alejandro Olivares
  • Opening 12 September 2017
  • Closed 13 November 2017

ERRAR (To Err) - According to the dictionary:

1. Make a mistake or make a mistake about something.
Both teams missed numerous occasions of goal"

2. Go from one place to another without a purpose, a motive or a destination.
"Was left wandering by the fairs or caught in the loneliness of the roads, the animals went away wandering much of the night"

There is a saying: "To err is human", referring to the commonplace and concrete mistake of failing in something or the insistent act of moving, and of looking from one side to another for something that we only discover as we go. Or both? It is the adventure to try one’s luck, without expecting anything more than imagination. Trial-error, Trial-error. Constant error leads us to unexpected results, without later blame and of course, without asking for forgiveness.

The exhibition focuses on this duality with a special emphasis on the point where both travel and failure meet to create a narrative. There is also a specific attention in the Latin American mirada, which intrinsically has the charm of the erratic.

"Travelling is useful, exercises the imagination.
Everything else is fatigue and disappointment.
Our journey is completely imaginary. Hence its strength.
It goes from life to death.
People, animals, cities, things, everything is invented.
It is a novel, nothing more than a fictional story.
Littré says so. And He’s never wrong.
Besides, anyone can do it.
You just have to close your eyes.
It's on the other side of life.

Louis-Ferdinand Celine.

Enter the Exhibition




Cristobal Olivares


Cristóbal Olivares (1988, Santiago, Chile) is a documentary photographer with an interest in social affairs. Based in Santiago, Chile he lives and works there for various medias companies both nationally and internationally.

From 2014 to 2016 he was part of the VII Photo Agency Mentorship Program. In 2009 he spent 6 months travelling across Canada to develop a series of personal photographic projects, as a result in 2013 he published his first photobook “-42 degrees” (Ediciones la Visita, Chile). In 2014 he co-founded an independent editorial initiative called “Buen Lugar Ediciones” dedicated to publish and promote photobooks and photographic zines. In 2015 he published the book “A-MOR” (Buen Lugar) about feminicide and domestic violence in Chile.

His work has been granted, awarded and recognised by several instituions including Open Society Foundations, Fotovisura Grant, Photographic Museum of Humanity, POY Latam, GD4PhotoArt, Chilean Arts council, among others. His photographs has been published and exhibited in Chile, Argentina, Brasil,Colombia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, China, India, Italy, France and Uk.

Alejandro Olivares

Photo Editor/Curator

Alejandro Olivares (1981, Santiago, Chile) has been the photo-editor of the magazine "The Clinic" for 10 years, one of the most important political and cultural magazines in Chile. He is the co-founder of "Buen Lugar Ediciones" (Good place Editions) specialising in documentary essays about Latin America. 

His work has been recognised in Chile and abroad with prizes such as POY Latin America, National Award to the young photographer 2013 (Rodrigo Rojas de Negri), Latin American Prize of photography, Photo of the year Photofest Queretaro, Best photo of the year National Saloon of Press Photography, Finalist FotoVisura Grant, PhotoEspaña 2010-2011 Fifv Prize (International festival of Photography Valparaiso), Nominated to Magnum Emergency Fund 2014.

His work has been published on Burn Magazine ,The Clinic Magazine, Que Pasa Magazine, The Sun, Internazzionale, Vice Magazine, Reuters, Focus, Ojo de Pez Magazine, Anfibia Magazine, Ciper Chile, Joia Magazine. His work has been exhibited in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Spain, China,Rusia, Alemania, Ecuador.

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