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The Other Side

02 February  >  26 April, 2021

Chronicling four years of in-depth migration reporting throughout Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico, this exhibition highlights the work of thirty award-winning photographers who participated in the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Adelante Latin American Reporting Initiative. From the push and pull factors to the arduous journey, explore the incredible challenges migrants face both at home and on the move. The IWMF's Adelante Latin American Reporting Initiative was made possible by the generous support of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

Warning: some people may find the following content distressing.

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The Other Side

Curated by
Danielle Villasana
Open until
26th April, 2021
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Whether leaving home, treading the path to a new destination, or arriving at the final stop, the other side is a beacon of hope, a light that beams just beyond the horizon, and a symbol of what is yet to come as people physically move toward dreams yet unknown.

As much as the unknown brings surprise and triumph, it can also carry anxieties and pain as illusions meet harsh realities often brought on by external forces. Whether those factors are overcome or overbearing, it’s human nature to hold our vision tight while taking the steps forward to the other side.

From Colombia and El Salvador to Honduras and Guatemala, “The Other Side” exhibition highlights the outstanding work of photographers who have intimately and extensively documented the complex issues surrounding modern-day migration.

Beginning in 2016, these reporting trips and stories, carried out through the IWMF’s Adelante Latin America Reporting Initiative with support from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, span across some of the most sweeping changes to American immigration policies.

Moving through space and time, this exhibition is a multimedia portrait of what drives people to take seemingly insurmountable risks, to leave what they know and who they love, and to hang onto threads of hope as they courageously face the walls between them and the other side.

IWMF's Adelante Latin American Reporting Initiative

Made possible by a generous five-year, $5 million grant from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, the International Women’s Foundation Adelante Latin America Reporting Initiative sought to reduce the gender gap in the region by giving women journalists the opportunities and skills to amplify their voices.

Through international reporting trips, year-long fellowships for in-country journalists, and expanded security training in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and the U.S./Mexico border, the IWMF ran 27 international reporting fellowship trips, generating significant media coverage of under-reported issues in publications such as National Geographic, The New York Times, TIME, The Guardian, The Seattle Times, and Univision, among many others.

Over the span of five years, Adelante enabled more than 270 journalists to reshape the media narrative about the region. To learn more, visit the IWMF’s Adelante Latin America Reporting Initiative webpage here.

Founded in 1990, the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) is the only global non-profit organization that offers emergency support, safety training, grants, reporting opportunities and funding avenues offered specifically for women journalists. We are making more women’s bylines possible and work tirelessly to ensure a greater diversity of voices represented in the news industry worldwide.

Curator + Producer

Danielle Villasana

Danielle Villasana

Photojournalist and IWMF Adelante fellow

“The Other Side” was curated and produced by photojournalist and IWMF Adelante fellow Danielle Villasana whose documentary work focuses on human rights, gender, displacement, and health around the world. Also a National Geographic Explorer and Magnum Foundation awardee, Villasana strongly believes in pairing photography with education and community. As an IWMF fellow and grantee as well as a co-lead on various Adelante reporting trips, Villasana’s unique perspective played a valuable contribution to the curation and production of this exhibition.

Featured Photographers


To learn more about the IWMF’s Adelante reporting initiative, join us on February 2, 2021 at 12:00 EST for a conversation moderated by award-winning journalist María Elena Salinas with curator Danielle Villasana and fellows Verónica G. Cárdenas, Tamara Merino, and Melissa Lyttle. Together they’ll discuss the migration stories they witnessed and the incredible impressions left on them by the brave and resilient people they met along the way. Register here


• Preview and introductory text - Danielle Villasana
• Illustrations - Léo Hamelin, IWMF fellow - Mexico-U.S. Border (2018)
• All multimedia material originally produced by the following IWMF fellows and re edited for the exhibition by Danielle Villasana.
• Corinne Chin for The Seattle Times, IWMF fellow - Mexico-U.S. Border (2019)
• Anna Clare Spelman for Univision, IWMF fellow - Honduras (2018)
• Almudena Toral for Univision, IWMF fellow - Mexico-U.S. Border (2019)