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Covisioni: Research on Relations During the Pandemic in Italy

29 June   >  06 September, 2021

A year-long collective project involving 40 photographers from the 20 Italian regions wishes to reflect on the transformations that took place during this unprecedented period.
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Covisioni: Research on Relations During the Pandemic in Italy

Curated by
Progetto Covisioni:
06th September, 2021

The pandemic and the lockdown have forced us to drastically modify our thoughts, emotions and relationships in the sentimental, social and work spheres. Having no historical memory of a similar event, each of us has been forced to adapt deep-rooted habits that were previously unthinkable to question.

Thus, with the participation of 40 authors located in the 20 Italian regions, they began to question themselves on how best to portray through photography what was changing in the most tangible way. From the research carried out, starting from the change in the relationship of people with their inner-self, some real macro-areas emerge, unexpected nuances that highlight, for example, the transformation of meeting places into non-places, the rediscovery of oneself and the relationship with nature.

What happened is re-elaborated by placing at the centre of each work the ongoing transformation of the social condition, of our habits and what follows. From the need to represent loss and absence comes the necessity to narrate the essence, to find and rediscover the new reality we are all living and propose a new vision of it.


During the initial weeks of the first lockdown, Cecilia Guerra Brugnoli, Francesca De Dominicis, Jana Liskova, Francesco Rucci, Anita Scianò and Erika Volpe established a working group with the aim to discuss this particular historical period and to create a collective project. They wondered how contemporary photography could explore, document and interpret the change in human relations in order to develop an actual analysis tool.

This is how COVISIONI was born: a project that involves 40 authors, from the 20 Italian regions, which have been carrying out this visual research over a period of 12 months. Each author proposes a testimony on how human relationships have undergone radical transformations during those times.

The aim of this investigation is to offer a collective vision of the changes and challenges imposed by COVID-19 and therefore the consequences on people, from various points of view, so here the photographic images become the means to show this new reality and they serve as an invitation for a collective reflection on what we all have been experiencing.