Dammit Janet I Love You

Emma Wilson

2017 - Ongoing

Hull, England, United Kingdom

DAMMIT JANET I love you is a collaborative project by Artist Emma Wilson and Janet, formerly Jim from Bransholme in Hull.

Emma first met Janet on a night out in Hull in 2017 and the two cooked up a plan to document Janet’s daily life as she transitioned from a her previous life as a 71 year old former soldier, granddad and lorry driver to the fabulous, glittering star of the Hull T-Scene that we see today.

The pictures document everyday life with Janet, her home, her friends, nights out and lots of shopping. Two years later, the project is nearing completion and they exhibited some of the work in progress for Pride In Hull together with a selection of Janet’s personal effects. The publicity around the exhibition has led to some of Janet’s estranged family getting back in touch and there are high hopes for a full reconciliation.

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  • Janet dressing as a bride

  • Janet getting ready for a trip to Bransholme shopping centre

  • Janet and Stevie on a night out in Hull.

  • Blushing Bride
    Janet had dreamed about being a bride and bought this wedding dress from China for £50 to fulfil her fantasy

  • Janet in the family home in Hull where Jim and his wife raised 3 children.

  • A model truck in Janet’s house representing Croft’s haulage company, Jim’s Business for 30 years.

  • Social lounge in Janet's new home.

  • Top Drawer

  • Janet and Jess
    In the garden at the Anchorage.

  • Janet making herself up at home

  • Janet’s arm bearing the scars left by Jim’s military tattoos

  • Being Janet takes a lot of time and effort

  • Janet Looking for a bit of Sun in Ibiza.

  • Janets Dressing room Getting ready to meet the T girls for lunch

  • Fantasy bride

  • Morning cuppa at Janets

  • Stretching ready for a Friday night of dancing

  • Janet shopping for accessories