Eva Diallo

2019 - Ongoing


"This new work crosses two continents, it speaks of a travel that many courageously undertake. We have been hearing about it for several years now but this time, photographer Eva Diallo is trying to show a more personal aspect of this journey.

To get from Senegal to the south of Italy, some pass through Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Libya. Those who have successfully crossed the river sell dreams to their loved ones who have remained in the country. Appeals are long overdue on one side of the Mediterranean while apprehended on the other. It is by fragments of light, of sky, a glance upwards, a journey in the bush or on an Italian country road that she shows her vision of this phenomenon.

It is mainly in the six countries that connect the Fouta - region of northern Senegal - of southern Italy that Eva Diallo is in the process of putting together this series. She wishes to reflect on the path that some of her relatives have taken to arrive in Europe. This work will be carried out in several chapters. Like a logbook, she plans to document the places she is in. Through the eyes of her loved ones, her goal is to collect images taken spontaneously from the places she has gone and the moments she has lived.

The common point between departure and arrival is his family, who surrounds him daily in his life in Senegal but who dreams of the West. Without trying to document the story of a particular person, it pays tribute to the brave who embarked on this journey. ”

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  • Mother and sons, Lodé 2019

  • Bou El Mogdad, St-Louis 2019

  • Telefonma, Lodé 2019

  • Guedj, St-Louis 2019

  • Issa, St-Louis 2019

  • Ibadou, Lodé 2019

  • Sand, St-Louis 2019

  • Issa, Lodé 2019

  • Bricks, Lodé 2019

  • Paulèl, St-Louis 2019