As Time Goes By


2018 - Ongoing

New York, United States

No one escapes the passage of time. Relatives, friends, and lovers become estranged. They drift away by choice or circumstance and are almost forgotten. My once vivid memories of them become distant, dreamlike and enigmatic. These memories fight for space in my mind but there is no way to prevent their deterioration. Time consumes them until what is left are traces of moments. 

In this body of work, I used fire to represent the effect that time has on my memory. I searched my personal archive for images of people from my past. People who had a great impact on my life but who are no longer part of it, for whatever reason. I reshot their images with Polaroid. Lastly, I lit these Polaroid on fire, let them burn until the results resonated with my emotional recollection. These scorched objects provide a tangible interpretation of my altered and incomplete memories touched by the destructive power of time.

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