Salamander Stays Overnight

Ernesto Rivera



In Salamander Stays Overnight, I'm contrasting intimate self-portraits with handwritten annotations. I took the photos at home and then I inkjet printed them on some handwritten accountability annotations from my dad. In doing so, I am honoring his effort to support my art even when he doesn't really understand what I am doing. However, I am also juxtaposing his quantitative vision with my more poetic approach of life in a sort of sweet revenge. The double-sided prints has the translucent quality of salamanders when I mounted them on vellum sheets (11 inches per 14 inches, each) using clear sealer.


My methodology is a ramble. On my daily walks, I am enticed by my encounters with the quotidian: metaphors in language, traces from stories, ordinary materials and found objects. My creative process is quick and intuitive, and I welcome chance and digression.

Both, the physical traces of the world seen on my walks and ideas encountered in history and literature are essential components of my research. I pursue a sense of freedom from categories in what I do through an allusive, poetic approach, avoiding the restrictions of militantly polarized declarations. Meaning in my work is layered and sometimes veiled but open-ended enough to engage the instinctive and sensorial perceptions of audiences with whom I am keen to dialogue.

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