Too Much To Unlearn

Erik Gustafsson

2016 - Ongoing

This project does not handle a concrete subject in the traditional sense. I’m intending my project to be seen much more as visual poetry – a fragmentary photographic narrative with strong autobiographical elements. Despite this, it does not exclusively depict aspects of my own life. Intimate private photographs break through the seemingly objective approach so that public and private space spill over into each other.

The project is a series of widely differing events and images and can be read like a sampler of photographic genres, both including portraits, snapshots, abstract darkroom experiments, landscapes, still lives and nudes.

In contrast to the instantaneous snapshots, photographic papers have been exposed to light over several hours, disturbing the idea of the decisive moment and also depicting the complexity of photography’s inherent relation to time.

In combining these different narratives into one series lies the possibility of finding hidden layers of meaning. The result is one large work in which the complexity of things converges: the artist, the medium of photography, life and death.

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