This is L.A.

Eleonora Paciullo

2018 - Ongoing

The idea of realism has been crucial for every medium, from painting to photography, and now virtual imagery. The latter plays an ever increasing role in our visual experience of the world, due to a large number of electronic devices we use everyday.The relation we have with images is drasticly changing in the digital era: the interaction, use and re-use, instant access and production.

The photographic series questions our relation with virtual images by creating analog photographic memories from a trip I did in Los Angeles, wandering in GTA and L.A. Noire (videogames both taking place in Los Angeles). My desire as photographer is to explore these somehow familiar environments (here the city of Los Angeles) without physically going and get the identity of these virtual places. This is questioning the line between reality and virtual and the new experiences offered by augmented reality. The photographic medium is used here for its capacity of leaving a valuable trace and memory. The analog photographs shoot with the Mamyia RZ67 give to the screenshots of a virtual Los Angeles a materiality and therefore constitute a new form of reality. The photos consequently produced question the viewer about their nature and veracity, bringing a new perspective on the future use and role of photography.

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