La Contrada

Eleonora Paciullo

2021 - Ongoing

The contrada is a small rural locality in the Locride countryside, once a land on the fringes of society where rituals and ceremonies proliferated, giving it an aura of magic. Almost thirty years later, seeking to heal the wound of my grandparents' disappearance - who, along with other inhabitants of the contrada, took away the traditions and enchantment of the place - I have returned to the contrada to reclaim its rituals and stories, in an attempt to give life to the "re-enchantment" of the magical place of my childhood. Through a series of video-performances I reinterpret some rituals and stories to ward off my torments, creating a deep connection with the territory and its history.

The project has the voice of a veteran who tells the magical story of this place.

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