Available light

Enikő Hodosy

2020 - Ongoing

Budapest, Hungary

The series was taken during the lockdown I spent alone in an apartment. The uncertainties, the separation anxiety paralyzed me for weeks. My days were spent with routine tasks, with the struggle to keep my sanity.

At one point all this switched, I dived into reading, learning things I always wanted to know. I observed myself and my environment, and I started to shoot a visual diary which took me to a creative flow. The new experience expanded my horizon, I arranged many things within myself, I see more clearly than before. In this regard the quarantine was like a spiritual retreat for me.

On the other hand the time failed to deliver on its self filling task allowed me to take long walks on the land that has been the defining background of my work. I realized how sunlight and nature is important for me. The flowers for the series were collected during these walks from my parent's garden. These were the items that I could bring with me from the outside world. Their bloom represents my female aspect of living this time alone. The appearance of the plants are in chronological order of their flowering , this is how they define the time and place of the quarantine in Hungary.

The series is a collection of self portraits and flowers I took during the quarantine at home. For taking the photographs, I used only natural light that was available in the apartment, this gave the title for this project.

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  • Ramsons in bloom

  • Self portrait and viburnum with onion flower and peony buds

  • Multicolor iris

  • Self portraits

  • Golden hour in the bed

  • Magenta hands and peony petals

  • White iris

  • Sunbathing and meditating

  • Sunset at home

  • Purple iris

  • White peonys