Shipwreck of Dreams

Emilio Nasser

2019 - Ongoing

"People would spend days and nights at the lake margins, longing to see the magical ship and have their desires met”. An unknown Swiss story.

This documentary project departs from the human longing for a better place by retelling an unknown ancient Swiss legend, a myth story of a wish-granting boat. This imaginary desire serves as a starting point to openly talk about what we consider home.

“A place where I love and I am loved, where I have my dignity…where I do not get fear, where I am happy and I can be crazy” . A school activist wrote on the ship-hat.

The story follows the traces of a self-organised school that roams around Zurich in search of a (free) space and listens to the wisdom shared by the school’s interconnected multiple voices, that meet at the crossroads of Swiss-European migration policies.

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