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Le Bateau Fantôme (title not definitive)

Emilio Nasser

2019 - Ongoing

The long term art project Le Bateau Fantôme, navigates in an imaginary conceptual journey, through the traces and the recent history of a collective self-governed school, place it in Zurich city. The Autonome Schule, is a grass-root movement that born in 2009 and its has been since the beginning an alternative educacional emancipatory project against racism, social injustice and human rights for refugees.

By using as a starting point, the reframing of a local story called Miracle Bout, a legend who lives in the depths on Lake Geneva. This fable, says about a magical boat; “that sometimes suddenly appears in the lake, to only reveal itself by granting a wish to those who have a pure heart”. A folktale wish in the context of the XXI Century, to depart starting to talk about the longing to name a place we would called home, in the current complex context of the Swiss-European borders, illegality and invisibility migration policies.

Working in a collaborative photographic portraying cooperation with the school community people, interviews, video and drawings. The project is trying to explores complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty in the relationship between the margins of documentary practice, speculative narratives strategies and contemporary migration social issues.

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