Emilio Fuentes Traverso

2020 - Ongoing


Exploring the terrains of the collage, this photographic project contains the registry of natural landscapes of the north and center of Chile. These photographs are intervened in an analog way with layers of the same image and the tearing of some segments of the photographs. The perceptual breaks that these actions generate allow the creation, from the poetic and metaphorical point of view, of visual reflections around the environmental transformations generated by the movements and deformations of the earth's crust, in a highly seismic territory.

These types of events, which originate from geological faults, are part of a dynamic capable of modifying the geography of the continents and becoming threats that lead us to rethink human vulnerability, in the face of these natural phenomena typical of planetary evolution.

From the above, the new images that contain overlays, folds, offsets and reliefs, are loaded with uncertainty and movement. This is how these new fictional landscapes contain that something that is about to happen; a form of waiting that has been incorporated into our collective unconscious and that at certain times emerges to generate restlessness and states of alert.

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