In The Flow

Emil Gataullin

2015 - Ongoing

This project explores the link between man and water, the emotional state we are in when we are near it.

We all feel an internal link to water and unconsciously are drawn to it. We like watching it, following the relaxed flow of a river, we get mesmerized by waves at sea or peer into the calm surface of a lake. Water is always different, it changes, it breathes as if it was alive, its constant flow hypnotizes us, making us fall deep into our thoughts.

According to Dr. Wallace J. Nichols (a marine biologist and explorer) every man can be in a state of “blue mind” — a state of peace, clarity and happiness, our link to nature. Being close to water awakens our “blue mind”, helps us organize our thoughts, and promotes a positive attitude to life.

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  • Elderly couple sitting on the embankment of Suhona River.
    Veliky Ustyug, Vologda region, Russia, 2017.

  • Black Sea, embankment of Gelendzhik city, Krasnodar region, Russia, 2016.

  • Pool at the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France, 2018.

  • Toropa River, Toropets, Tver region, Russia, 2018.

  • Black Sea coast at Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region, Russia, 2015.

  • Pelenga River near Danilov, Yaroslavl region, Russia, 2018.

  • Kuloy River near Dolgoshchelye village, Arkhangelsk region, Russia, 2019.

  • Moscow, Russia, 2019.

  • Andreevsky pond in Moscow, Russia, 2019.

  • Klyazma River in high water near Vyazniki, Vladimir region, Russia, 2018.

  • Mytishchi, Moscow region, Russia, 2017.

  • Embankment of Volga River, Kozmodemyansk, Mari El Republic, Russia, 2015.

  • Kaluga, Russia, 2019.

  • Sova River near Chizhgora village, Arkhangelsk region, Russia, 2017.