Hernandez Mexican Food

Elisa Limon

2016 - Ongoing

This year our family celebrated 50 years of a family owned business. My grandmother started the business out of determination and necessity. She used her skills and created a business that has created memories, a work ethic, and good food. My father designed and built the current taco stand in 1989 and he continued the business as a means to help my siblings and I get through college. He continued to run the business until he could no physically longer run it on his own and sold it to my sister. Even though my dad has sold the business to my sister he continues to help in as many aspects as he can. The taco stand has continued to help the next generation of our family achieve their goals. Through out the years my dad has owned the business we have become close to many other generational concessioners who’s grand parents, like mine started their business out on the road, selling food and other things at festivals. I would like to explore their stories and celebrate generational small businesses.

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