Ballet Folklorico

Elisa Limon

2018 - Ongoing

Ballet Folklorico is a mixture of culture, tradition, and commitment. Ballet Folklorico in Detroit has been a source of family, a source of support, and a second family for its members. They are all committed to one another and look forward to each other’s company and celebrate their differences. I would like to expand my observations and document the commitment and dedication other Ballet Folklorico here in the United States and groups have with each other and to the traditions. I would also like to be able to expand my project to where it all started, Mexico. For Mexicans there is a deep respect for their ancestors and their beliefs and Ballet Folklorico embodies these beliefs. I would like to capture the special moments between the dancer, the group as a whole, and their commitment to preserving a culture that is slowing disappearing in a world that is more interested in a world of technology and corruption.

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