A Blurry Aftertaste

Eleonora Agostini

2018 - Ongoing

A Blurry Aftertaste consists in a collection of photographs and a sculpture that focus on the functionality of the home, on the identity of its objects and on the family dynamics that exist within the domestic sphere.

Working at the intersection between photography, performance and sculpture, Agostini is interested in alluding to that which is beneath the surface and discovering a possible fracture and new meanings within our contemporary domestic experience.

Through a series of performative experiments and collaborations with members of her family, Agostini wanted to create images that spoke of the house as a complex space and a complex time, a place where intimacy and claustrophobia exist simultaneously, and a platform where to explore the limits and the psychological structures of the family bubble.

The house becomes a place where memories can be reconstructed, a space to investigate how our familiar domestic existence can be reconsidered and redefined through a series of instructions given to her family and performed in front of the camera.

Agostini is interested in the enigmatic nature of the family photograph and the memories it carries.

She is interested in the psychological action of re-enactment used as a tool to investigate and gain insight into one’s life: she believes that re-enacting and re-imagining old memories and past experiences become a way to internalize, observe and overcome the trauma.

Through performance, Agostini translates some gestures and dynamics into new scenarios that take place in front of the camera, that serve to open a conversation and a collaboration within her family.

A Blurry Aftertaste operates as a family album organized in chapters that do not follow a chronological order but different types of images that operate both as observational and directed performance.

The domestic space is portrayed as an absurd and uncanny theatre defined by the creation of human and material-based structures, by members of Agostini’s family engaging with anti monumental activities, human-made installations and domestic objects, to conclude with the documentation of the borders of the home, repetitively photographed to underline the dimension that exists between inside and outside, between the private and public.

A Blurry Aftertaste is an attempt to better understand the precariousness of the notion of home through the action of balancing objects, and resisting gravity, the positions of power and the switch of roles that are at play within the images and during the making process.

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  • Mom under the fig, 2019

  • An Attempt of Hiding A House, 2020

  • Folded Towels, 2018

  • Angolo Cottura, 2018

  • Family Portrait, 2018

  • Mole Trap, 2018

  • Childhood, 2019

  • Father standing on bricks, 2018

  • Mother standing on bricks, 2019

  • Untitled, 2019

  • Relaxation Island, 2018

  • The small house at the end of the garden, 2018

  • The small house at the end of the garden II, 2018

  • Untitled (umbrella), 2018

  • No Place Like Home, 2018

  • Untitled (wheelbarrow), 2018

  • What Once Was, 2018

  • Wednesdays IV, 2018

  • Untitled (as part as Borders), 2018

  • Untitled (as part as Borders), 2019