Meteorite Berdychiv

Elena Subach

2016 - 2017


In this project are collected photos from the project "Armageddon - meteorite Berdychiv is impending us". And the inspiration, even more correctly to say a dedication, was the story that happened in the city, where I come from. This is a small city in the eastern part of Ukraine, it is unremarkable but "become famous" for the whole country because of two events: here the first in Ukraine the monument to Lenin was demolished , and the second tragic - which excites me and which indirectly exists in these photographs - is that in the local cinema hall, when a famous film "Armageddon" with Bruce Willis was shown and four children died. Some schoolchildren, who were in a hurry to the film, didn't let the other children leave, so the terrible crush годаin the dark led to the victims. In realy life, Bruce Willis couldn't save the world and the meteorite still fall. Later I even learned the name of this meteorite. In another provincial town, in the central part of Ukraine, one person, passionately dreaming of becoming an astronomer, built himself an observatory and began to observe the starry sky. And he even managed to open few asteroids and some special astronomical services whom he wrote after his discovery confirmed that, and yes, he is the discoverer of these small celestial bodies and should write them dow to the special register and has the right to name these asteroids as he wish. The astronomer, a great patriot of his native land, so he named them in honor of the townships of that region. So now, somewhere in outer space, meteorite Zhitomir and meteorite Berdichiv are flying, and I imagine that it is the one who must fall to Earth and destroy everything. The story that I'm showing in my series is about the agitation and mood of people living in such cities. About the absurd expectation of whatever is coming - is it a god, or a hero who will save everyone, either an armageddon, or impending meteorite.

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