“I look at this tree and think of myself”

Elsa Gregersdotter

2019 - Ongoing

“I look at this tree and think of myself”

This series is an exploration of what happens when I turn my eyes to my family members. In the photographic moment, they become others in front of me. They stop being my family members and instead become characters in the costumes and positions I give them. The work is like a story without narrative about the closest people in my life. In a mix of everything. Truth, memories, lies,

play and the absurdity in existing. With the help of my own photographs and the family archive, I want to explore what roles we play in front of each other and how we want to be seen.

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  • Parents in the garden

  • Isak

  • The balcony

  • untitled

  • The armchair

  • untitled

  • Grandparents

  • Baby Brother

  • Dad

  • Spiderman

  • Madonna and baby

  • Mom and Dad and me

  • A gift from my mother