The PhMuseum Education program includes photography portfolio reviews, workshops and masterclasses. Improve your skills set, connect with international experts, and stay updated with the latest trends and opportunities.

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Online one-to-one portfolio reviews & consultancies

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Connect with international experts, get valuable feedback and work together with them on your projects

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We offer online activities raging from a 30-min portfolio review to 8-month masterclasses. Just check which one works best for your current needs and feel free to reach out anytime at should you need further info.

It's always a good moment to connect, get feedback and improve your work. Invest in your education today and enjoy!

Past editions

Thanks to the tutors and all the other students, my project matured and got to contain the richness of collective work, in which doubts, mistakes, trials and suggestions have been shared and contributed by everyone. The masterclass offered me the rare privilege of witnessing a process that is usually an intimate and unaccessible communication between the artist and the editor.
Riccardo Svelto, Folio Class 2020/21

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