Who Are You And Your Work? Photography workshop with Erik Kessels - PhMuseum

Who Are You And Your Work? Workshop with Erik Kessels

Who Are You And Your Work? Workshop with Erik Kessels

When was it: 25-26 January 2020
Where: Spazio Labo’, Bologna, Italy
Production: PhMuseum and Spazio Labo’

Photographers are very good in the images and projects they make, but are we sure that’s enough? During this historical and social time, the photographic medium is democratic at your fingertips, ever closer to its technical perfection, then we are overwhelmed by this bulimic production of images. Also for this reason, it’s ever more important that photographers and visual makers would be able to use photography as a proper language; so, they should be able to convey a personal meaning through images about their projects and above all themselves as artists and human beings. So, making a photographic project is not enough if authors lack the ability to promote it. In this short but intense 8-hours workshop over two days, Erik Kessels will drive you between the two completely different skills of being the author and the promoter of your project. The participants will be pushed to communicate more clearly about themselves and their projects analysing their topics, concepts and personal motivations. Finally, the aim is to understand which form of disseminations would be more appropriate in regard with their works and the audience they want to speak with. The workshop is part of a bigger project organized and curated by Spazio Labo’ and PhMuseum: Familiar Stranger an exhibition and a panel discussion that will take place at Spazio Labo’ gallery in January 2020.

Erik Kessels is a Dutch artist, designer and curator with great interest in photography. Kessels is since 1996 Creative Partner of communications agency KesselsKramer in Amsterdam and London. As an artist and curator Kessels has published over 75 books of his ‘re-appropriated’ images and has written the international bestseller Failed It! Kessels made and curated exhibitions such as Loving Your Pictures, Mother Nature, 24HRS in Photos, Album Beauty, Unfinished Father and GroupShow. His mid-career retrospective was shown in Turin, Düsseldorf, Budapest and he exhibited this year in the SFMOMA. He was called “a visual sorcerer” by Time Magazine and a “Modern Anthropologist” by Vogue (Italia).