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Photography workshops

With our selection of international teachers, PHmuseum's education program provides some of the best photography workshops. These short events will see our authors and experts make the photography workshops inclusive and suitable for all levels. Benefit from our experience and support to create and investigate their photographic style.

The multiplication of possibilities offered by modern photography and the array of final media outlets are enormous. In this multi-input/output scenario creativity and stylistic awareness need to be carefully focused and developed in order to maintain close contact with a personal identity and vision. Celebrated duo Caimi Piccinni will share insights on their work approach, review your projects to precisely outline your visual language, the source of personal inspiration, motivation and the crucial ability to connect the work with a rich inner emotional panorama.

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Workshop with Caimi & Piccinni


19/20 September 2020


PHmuseum Lab, Bologna, Italy


Up to 14 students will be guided through the practice of the celebrated duo, get their work analyze in depth and practical feedback to improve editing, strategy and concept.

Photographers are very good in the images and projects they make, but are we sure that’s enough? During this historical and social time, the photographic medium is democratic at your fingertips, ever closer to its technical perfection, then we are overwhelmed by this bulimic production of images.

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Who Are You And Your Work? Workshop with Erik Kessels

When was it?

25-26 January 2020


Spazio Labo’, Bologna, Italy

When I enrolled with the PHmuseum mentorship programme, I had expected a session that would provoke ideas to move my work forward. The feedback I received was provided on a specific body of work, discussing each piece in detail. My experience surpassed my expectations and helped me to develop my work further.

Suzan Pektas, Turkey
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