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Online One-to-one Photography Classes with Tommaso Parrillo

PhMuseum’s online portfolio reviews aim to strengthen your skill set as a photographer. It motivates the development of your personal photographic vision as well as healthy self-criticism in relation to the production of your work. Our online one-to-one photography reviews offer you a tailor-made dialogue to meet your specific needs and enjoy a unique learning experience. The review can be dedicated to the discussion of one particular body of photographic work or portfolio and will consist of feedback regarding the solidity of its conceptual base and the consistency of its photographic strategy.

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Tommaso Parrillo

PHM Photography Mentor - Tommaso Parrillo

Publisher and Founder of Witty Books

  • Editing
  • Photobooks
  • Publishing
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Tommaso Parrillo is an Italian publisher and founder of Witty Books, a publishing house founded with the name of Witty Kiwi in 2012, that aims to promote photography and visual arts. Since 2016 he is also co-founder of JEST, an independent space dedicated to enhancing culture and photography in Turin . He also teaches photography in institutions as IED Torino, private school and workshops.