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12 hour mentorship enquiry with Katrin Koenning


  • Editing
  • Narrative
  • Method
  • Meaning

About this mentorship


During this mentorship, Katrin will provide methodological and practical advice in relation to personal practice and the photographic industry. Katrin will guide you along a range of visual thinking and narrative storytelling, particularly in consideration of the photographic long-form and overall series-development. She will encourage you to critically question and regularly re-evaluate your own relationship to the images you make and the stories you tell, and thus your own visuality in relation to the world. Katrin supports the idea of developing an ‘honesty-practice’, both in relation to the self, the work, and the world. Inspirations and concepts may emerge for future projects. You can also be guided throughout the realisation and development of a particular photo project. Practical aspects of the industry such as how to get your work out there, self-promotion and social media, connection, awards and grants, the role of festivals in relation to photographic practice down to image-object related questions such as editioning and pricing of work etc. can be discussed.

Languages: English,German

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