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Online One-to-one Photography Classes with Katrin Koenning

PhMuseum’s online portfolio reviews aim to strengthen your skill set as a photographer. It motivates the development of your personal photographic vision as well as healthy self-criticism in relation to the production of your work. Our online one-to-one photography reviews offer you a tailor-made dialogue to meet your specific needs and enjoy a unique learning experience. The review can be dedicated to the discussion of one particular body of photographic work or portfolio and will consist of feedback regarding the solidity of its conceptual base and the consistency of its photographic strategy.

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Katrin Koenning

PHM Photography Mentor - Katrin Koenning


  • Editing
  • Narrative
  • Method
  • Meaning
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Katrin Koenning is a German photographer and photographic educator based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2016 her first book, Astres Noirs, received the Australian Photobook of the Year Award and was shortlisted for both Prix Nadar and the Paris Photo/Aperture First Book Award. Katrin regularly exhibits in Australian and international solo and group exhibitions. She is a former editor of the Australian PhotoJournalist Magazine, and her images are published widely in places such as The New Yorker, ASX, The New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel and many others. Katrin regularly teaches intensive conceptual and narrative-based workshops in photographic practice and thinking, working closely with institutions and festivals such as Angkor Photo Festival (Siem Reap, Cambodia), The Lighthouse (Calcutta, India), Photo Kathmandu (Kathmandu, Nepal), Photobook NZ, The Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne, Australia), Perth Centre for Photography and the Australian Centre for Photography among others. She has been a photographic educator since 2008, teaching documentary storytelling at the University of Queensland and Photography Studies College Melbourne. Katrin is represented by East Wing Gallery.

  • Portfolio Review /


    1 hour

    In this class you can present Katrin a specific body of photographic work and receive critical feedback, as well to discuss possible future ideas, goals and directions.

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  • Consultancy /


    Save 5%

    4x1 hour

    This consultancy lends itself to the evaluation and discussion of multiple bodies of photographic work and their potential connectivity in method and concept, as well as a definition of your overall possible future visual challenges and strategies. Depending on the nature of the discussed work, a range of approaches to take the work further will be offered, or to conceptualise the beginning of a new work. Further discussion will address the role and importance of reading the visual within the field of expanded documentary practice, as well as image sequencing and editing and so forth.

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  • Mentorship /


    Save 10%

    12x1 hour

    During this mentorship, Katrin will provide methodological and practical advice in relation to personal practice and the photographic industry. Katrin will guide you along a range of visual thinking and narrative storytelling, particularly in consideration of the photographic long-form and overall series-development. She will encourage you to critically question and regularly re-evaluate your own relationship to the images you make and the stories you tell, and thus your own visuality in relation to the world. Katrin supports the idea of developing an ‘honesty-practice’, both in relation to the self, the work, and the world. Inspirations and concepts may emerge for future projects. You can also be guided throughout the realisation and development of a particular photo project. Practical aspects of the industry such as how to get your work out there, self-promotion and social media, connection, awards and grants, the role of festivals in relation to photographic practice down to image-object related questions such as editioning and pricing of work etc. can be discussed.

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