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Federico Clavarino (1984) is an Italian photographer based between Madrid and London. After attending a Master Course in literature and creative writing at Alessandro Baricco's Scuola Holden, in 2007 he moved to Madrid where he started studying photography at BlankPaper School with Fosi Vegue. Two years later he was already working on his personal photography projects, and in 2010 he published his first short essay, La Vertigine. His first book, Ukraina Pasport, came out the following year, receiving the PhotoEspaña Honourable Mention as best book of 2011. At the same time he began working as a teacher for BlankPaper School, where he taught until 2017. In September 2014 the London-based publisher Akina Books brought out his second book, Italia o Italia. The work received good reviews from a number of critics and the original photographs were exhibited in 2015 at the International Photography Festival of Rome. In April 2016 Dalpine published his third book, The Castle, which was exhibited in various festivals (PhotoEspaña 2016, Les Rencontres d'Arles 2017) and galleries (Viasaterna in Milan, Temple in Paris) around Europe. Another of his current projects, Hereafter, received the La Caixa Foundation Fotopres grant in 2014. The work was exhibited for the first time at CaixaForum in Barcelona in February 2017 and will soon be made into a book. He currently teaches and lectures internationally, collaborating with schools, universities, institutions and festivals around Europe.

Federico also offers a 12-hour mentorship, click here to apply.

In a 30-min session Federico Clavarino will review your portfolio and give you a general opinion on your work with useful tips to improve and further develop it.

Federico also offers a 12-hour mentorship, click here to apply.

This class can be dedicated to the discussion of one particular body of photographic work or set of images, and will consist of feedback regarding the solidity of its conceptual base and the consistency of its photographic strategy. Federico can also give you advice on possible ways of carrying on with the work, improving it, or encountering a form for it. You will also be provided with references and sources to look into so as to broaden your research.

Federico also offers a 12-hour mentorship, click here to apply.

This consultancy is preferably dedicated to one body of work and can be used for different purposes, depending on the state of the work in question. For example, Federico can assist you in a project that has just started until it is solid enough to only require more field work, while an advanced body of work can be deconstructed and re-focused entirely. For a more advanced project, editing and formalisation can also be the areas of attention.

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