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Online one-to-one FAQs

Enrollment and registration

What photography sessions can I take?

PhMuseum's online educational program offers online private portfolio reviews (30/60 minutes), consultancies (4 x 1-hour sessions) and mentorships (12 x 1-hour sessions). The sessions are always one-to-one and online with the reviewer/mentor you select for the entire period. The focus of the session depends on your specific needs, and the goals you set.

Who are the mentors?

You can see the full list of mentors here. These mentors are acclaimed photographers, editors, curators, advisors, artists and educators. They have extensive mentoring experience and are committed to supporting you in your career development.

Do I have to be a professional photographer to take an online photography session?

No, but we do recommend that you have some experience producing photographic projects and stories. It is helpful for the mentor to see photographic work you have already produced, or are producing.

What kind of student does well with online photography sessions?

Any kind of student can benefit from our program. Most important is that you have an open attitude, you are willing to learn, receive critical feedback, and have a desire to grow as a professional. We have a code of conduct that we recommend you read before starting your session.

Do I need to have a profile on PhMuseum?

No, but we do ask you to fill out certain fields of information that we will pass on to the mentor. We do this so the mentor can prepare the best way possible for the class with you. That said, we recommend that you create an account to share work and keep in touch with the mentor on PhMuseum.

How do I enroll?

For both the 1 hour portfolio review, as well as the consultancies, you simply select your preferred mentor and a moment in the calendar that suits you. You then click on ‘book’ your class, continue to fill out the required information fields, and proceed to payment. Once the payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation email from us. Your mentor will get in touch with you within the next two days. For the mentorship, we ask you to apply first after which we will contact you for the next steps.

In what languages can I take a photography session?

With each specific mentor you can see in what languages he or she mentors. For the moment, the PhMuseum online educational program offers sessions in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan and Dutch.

Technical requirements

What are the technical requirements for an online session?

For the online session to work for both you and your mentor, you need a computer, laptop or suitable mobile device; a good internet connection; Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom (or any other online conference tool, to be agreed upon with your mentor); headphones and a quiet place to take the class. We ask you to use a video conference tool, so you can see each other while you have the session.

What do I do if I need technical assistance?

If you have questions prior to your class, contact us at support@phmuseum.com.


How much does an online photography session cost?

30 minutes: £48. 60 minutes: £89. 4 hour consultancy: £329. 12 hour mentorship: £929.

When do I have to pay?

You pay when you book your session.

What are acceptable payment methods?

We accept Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Visa, Visa Debit, Maestro, American Express or PayPal payments. For any further issue drop us a line at support@phmuseum.com.

Is financial aid available?

Not for the moment. Please contact us at support@phmuseum.com if you have questions related to this.

Will I get my money back if I drop a class?

Read about our cancellation and refund policy in the Terms and Conditions (cancellation and refund policy section).

Is there a refund policy if I am not happy with what I have paid for?

No. We don’t refund money in the event that you are not happy with the experience. However, we would like to know what wasn’t (and what was) working for you, so please do contact us at support@phmuseum.com to share your experiences.


Will I receive a certificate or diploma?

No, for the moment we don’t offer any kind of credit, certificate or diploma. If you are interested in receiving a proof of participation, or have any other questions related to this, contact us at support@phmuseum.com.

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