Code of conduct

Both as a Mentor and as a Student, you agree to:

Log in in good time to make sure that you have your audio and video set up before the class starts, possibly using video to facilitate communication and interaction;

Turn off other devices during each class, connect from a quiet location and avoid making background noise;

Be kind in your interactions, and give the benefit of the doubt, knowing that sometimes it’s difficult to know or fully appreciate the situation of the other;

Respect the culture and background of the other, avoiding the use of words, or sharing content, that could be viewed as offensive, inappropriate or inflammatory.

Have a positive attitude, aimed at discussing ideas when disagreeing, rather than criticising or attacking personally.

As a Student, you further agree to:

Make sure the photographic work you discuss is your own work, and if you quote or use work from someone else, you credit the author;

Contribute in setting goals, communicate clear expectations, and have a proactive attitude in order to facilitate the Mentor’s role.

As a Mentor, you further agree to:

Honor your commitment to your student;

Be a positive influence, with the goal of building a genuine mentor relationship where you support the goals of your student, encourage, build self-confidence, and serve as a role model;

Have reasonable expectations, upholding your commitment to quality, consistent communication, and understanding that even if you are receiving minimal communication, your student may be appreciating and getting more out of your online relationship than you realise.

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