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One of the best innovations offered by this ever more connected world we live in is to connect with colleagues, share experiences and collaborate together.

This is the main goal of our education program: allow you to work with internationally recognised photography experts. In this live private session, you can get your projects reviewed, prepare a submission for an open call, consider what is the best way to publish your work or simply get feedback and move forward. Forget about theoretical pre-recorded classes. Every session is a uniquely different experience where you can ask specific questions, get practical advice and expand your network.

How to get started? Simply select an expert according to their background and field of expertise, book a date and provide a link to your portfolio with a clear question or goal to start with. A 77% of our alumni say the experience was positive beyond their expectations. Take advantage of working remotely, when you need it, and enjoy this innovative way of collaboration.

© Suzan Pektas Suzan Pektas

When I enrolled with the PhMuseum mentorship programme, I had expected a session that would provoke ideas to move my work forward. The feedback I received was provided on a specific body of work, discussing each piece in detail. My experience surpassed my expectations and helped me to develop my work further. Suzan Pektas, Turkey

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© Mariagrazia Beruffi Mariagrazia Beruffi

I can tell you that the role of a mentor is absolutely necessary because the photographer, at whatever level, is so emotionally involved in his work that it is really hard, if not impossible, to have an objective vision of the whole. And when you happen to meet a curator able to enter your world and show you your possible way without influencing your point of view it's really helpful. Personally, I had this chance with PhMuseum. Mariagrazia Beruffi, Italy


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