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Max Pinckers

€1,600 (VAT included) to be paid only if your application is successful

Photography is a means for communicating stories & ideas — a space for critical reflection on the world, but also a realm for self-reflection. What is the relationship between the intimate and the non-personal in photography? How do we tell stories that are ‘ours’ to tell? Is there a separation between the ‘personal’ and the ‘general’ in today’s complex realities? How do we define our relationship with the medium in an era where everyone is empowered to tell their own story with a camera?

Guided by photographer Laura El-Tantawy participants will be introduced to photography as a vehicle for individual storytelling. The program will delve into different modes of ‘personal’ stories, by questioning documentary and its different media (stills, sound, moving images & words). You will explore the critical and poetic, collaborative and idiosyncratic, philosophical and intuitive, emotional and analytical.

The masterclass will be taught in English and will be conducted online over the course of 8 months. All the participants will further be invited to a non-compulsory meeting at PhMuseum Lab (Bologna, Italy) in 2023.

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