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Photography masterclasses

A masterclass is the right choice if you want to work on a specific subject over a few months. Our offers allow you to work with recognized professors who are currently working in the photography industry and know all of its insights. A masterclass further helps you connect with fellow photographers to share ideas and questions, and represents the right vehicle to find the right motivations. Enroll today and make a practical step forward towards your goals.

In this six-month online masterclass, artist and doctoral researcher Max Pinckers will lead participants to expand their documentary projects by developing their own critical documentary strategies. At the end of the program, one o more participants will be granted an opportunity to exhibit their projects at PHmuseum Lab.

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Criticae / Online Documentary Masterclass


Before 31 March for the scholarship. The final deadline is 30 April.


10 participants will have the opportunity to expand their research methods and develop their own documentary work under a 6-months guidance with Max Pinckers.

Under the guidance of Witty Books publisher Tommaso Parrillo and designer Federico Barbon 8 photographers will be followed through the advanced phase of their projects with the goal of concluding the work and have it ready for publishing. At the end of the 6-month masterclass, all participants will be ready to present their work to an international audience in the form of a dummy or a photobook.

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Folio / Online Photobook Masterclass

Application Deadline

30 August


8 participants will be followed by Witty Books publisher Tommaso Parrillo and Designer Federico Barbon with the goal of concluding a project and have it ready for publication.


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