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Photographic Artist

  • Editing
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  • Research
  • Documentary

In this class you can discuss a specific photography project. If at the beginning of a body of work, Lisa can advise you on research, technique, and contextualisation of the project. If your project is near completion or considered finished, then Lisa will provide additional advice on editing and possible outcomes for the work.

This consultancy is preferably dedicated to one photo project. The type of consultancy Lisa gives you depends on the state of the project in question. If your project is at the beginning, she will advise on ideas (such as making sure there is a ‘hook’; something innovative and engaging), visual approach, access, and possibilities for where the project can be placed and published. Lisa can give advice on how your project is developing and reflect on work produced during the consultation period. In addition, final editing and developing a contextual statement can be done which will help you in getting the project published, exhibited or shown at, for example, a festival.

During this mentorship, Lisa will guide you through the realisation and development of a particular project. Examples of guidance she can give are: advice on the idea, the visual approach, style of work, technique and context. Together, potential visual outcomes such as a website, a web documentary, or an editorial publication can be explored. A finalised project can be edited to provide the most effective narrative and prepared for promotion and marketing to, for example, festivals and exhibition venues. Developing a strong contextual statement is key in this process. Finally, Lisa can give you more long- term advice on your career development.

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