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Photography portfolio reviews, workshops and masterclasses

As photography and its language constantly evolve, our program offers you a comprehensive set of resources to improve your skills set, connect with international experts, and stay updated with the latest trends and opportunities.

We offer both online and offline activities, raging from a 30-min portfolio review to a 6 month masterclass. Just check which one works best for your current needs and feel free to reach out anytime at should you need further info.

It's always a good moment to connect, get feedback and improve your work. Invest in your education today and enjoy!

In this live private session, you can get your projects reviewed, prepare a submission for an open call, consider what is the best way to publish your work or simply get feedback and move forward. Forget about theoretical pre-recorded classes. Every session is a uniquely different experience where you can ask specific questions, get practical advice and expand your network.

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Online one-to-one portfolio reviews & consultancies

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Connect with 12 international experts, get valuable feedback and work together with them on your projects.

Under the guidance of Witty Books publisher Tommaso Parrillo and designer Federico Barbon, a group of photographers will be followed through the advanced phase of their projects with the goal of concluding the work and have it ready for publishing.

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Folio 2021 / Online Photobook Masterclass

Application Deadline

10 September, 2021


Conclude a project and have it ready for publication.


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When I enrolled with the PhMuseum mentorship programme, I had expected a session that would provoke ideas to move my work forward. The feedback I received was provided on a specific body of work, discussing each piece in detail. My experience surpassed my expectations and helped me to develop my work further.

Suzan Pektas, Turkey

In this six-month online masterclass, artist and doctoral researcher Max Pinckers will lead participants to expand their documentary projects by developing their own critical documentary strategies. At the end of the program, one o more participants will be granted an opportunity to exhibit their projects at PhMuseum Lab.

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Criticae / Online Documentary Masterclass

Application Deadline

30 April, 2021


10 participants will have the opportunity to expand their research methods and develop their own documentary work under a 6-months guidance with Max Pinckers.


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