Gregory Eddi Jones

2018 - Ongoing

Philadelphia-based artist Gregory Eddi Jones’ pictures draw from streams of common advertising images to reflect on photography’s use as a vehicle for idealism, fantasy, and the promise of paradise.

The production of his pictures begins with strategies of appropriation, compositing, digital manipulation. These images then undergo a printing technique that allows for the image, rendered with wet ink, to undergo mark-making, smearing, and bleeding before being dried and re-scanned into virtual space. The process, which Jones considers a means of “un-photographing”, breaks down the architectures of commercial photographic rhetoric and rebuilds them into new potentials of equivocacy.

The liberation of these images from photography’s traditional burdens of truth-telling enters into an exploration between the tensions of certainty and ambiguity, the fragility of shared meaning, and a reflection American's decent into an era of "post-truth" discourse.

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  • Betterland

  • Picnic on the Greenest Grass

  • Annie in the Desert

  • A Good Boy

  • Cleaning Doesn't Have to be a Chore Anymore

  • We Must Clean the Messes We Make

  • Janus Horse in Motion

  • Kyle Surveys His Domain

  • Naturae Generica

  • Parrot Talk

  • Bigfish

  • Vanessa on the Beach

  • Suns Set

  • The Bather

  • Winners Picture

  • Steven Devours His Spaghetti

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