Emmanuelle Argyropoulou

2014 - 2020


New moments, beautiful moments,

scary moments, frustrating moment,

moments full of emotions.

Sometimes you wish for these moments to disappear.

Sometimes you wish you could remember what you felt like in certain moments because things happen so quickly.

Sometimes you wish you could relive the moments over and over because they’re so full of love.

Μotherhood for me started 11 years ago.

In those 11 years I have experienced

3 gynecological surgeries,

5 pregnancies,

2 automatic miscarriages,

1 reciprocal pregnancy,

3 necessary abortions,

2 births,

2 Caesarean sections.

-for about 390 days-

90 of them motionless.

I have overcome a heavy

and long-lasting postpartum depression and another short lasting and less painful.

Without the help of an expert.


Anxiety, agony, loneliness.

During that time,

I never stopped laughing.

I also cried. A lot.

There is still a lot of crying in me.

At the end of each day,

watching my kids smiling faces,

I feel like I did pretty well.

And that satisfaction

overshadows everything.

This "everything" encompasses everything!

Not just the pleasure of motherhood,

but mostly, all that we women

are ashamed to admit that we are. Fatigue, sleepless nights,

black eye circles, messy hair,

stress, ignorance, arguments,

huge need for silence

that makes us isolate in the bathroom for some quiet moments,

uncertainty of the "appropriate" advice,

uncertainty of a proper upbringing,

enormous, but wonderful responsibility for who our children are becoming.

I started the photographic documentation of my existential search as a mother inactive and sessile.

Photography is the way I have to express myself. It is a means of exploring the world and first and foremost, myself. It's my way of achieving balance in my life.

I am making photographs, because with a photograph I can say what I cannot express with words.

In this work in progress project ”MOMents” I am not interested in the photographic view of the world, I am interested in the very personal relationship of photography with my world.

My photographs try desperately to organize –one by one and all together- the chaos and complexity of my thoughts, my existence.

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