Third Time

Edoardo Agresti

2018 - Ongoing


'The Third Time is a unique moment, in which we are not divided, but united ... no longer rivals, but almost friends ... where the winner is celebrated, but also the won.'

The Third Time was once present in almost all team sports matches, now the only sport in those who remained and is an integral part of it, is Rugby. At the end of the game both among the fans of the opposing factions and between the players and managers of the teams that have played, stay together and share time with joy and fun. Among the children are the mothers who, by cutting mortadella and spreading chocolate, prepare the Third Time. On the contrary, in the matches between the 'Old' - generally over 50 with a past as rugby players - the game is only an excuse to make the Third Half which becomes a more fun than sporting occasion. More you go up in category and more refined the Third Time becomes: you go from an informal dinner on the tables under a big top of the national tournament teams, to then move on to a restaurant with buffet service of the international ones to finally get to a real 'gala' dinner for the 6 Nations - which is the most important team event in the world of rugby after the World Cup - complete with waiters, sommeliers and a 'black dress code'.

In addition, the Third Time is also between the opposing fans in the post game. All always in the logic of being together and having fun regardless of the result. This should be sport: union, sharing and fun.

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