What to do if there are no two of us

Darja Preuss


„The cold wind blows. What to do if there are no two of us? Sitting under the stars"

My work „What to do if there are no two of us“ (2019) is an attempt to portray the daily contradictory life in a megacity such as Bangkok in documentary images. For my series I have followed people in the Thai megacity, who are dealing with the feeling of loneliness and trying to fulfill their dreams and desires. Billions of people around the world are looking for love, success and happiness in the smallest of spaces in cities. Especially young adults have the same problems almost everywhere, from New York via Berlin to Bangkok. But what do we do in cities to protect ourselves from loneliness? Many young adults develop strategies to maintain social contacts and to protect themselves from loneliness despite the pressure to succeed. But the difficulties of everyday life - the political situation, the pressures of family and tradition - do not automatically lead to forgetting the promise of success of urban modernity. The pictures (all analog photographed) show sensitive observations of the everyday life of this Megacity. Sometimes with a subtle or melancholy look. The title: „what to do if there are no two of us“ quoted from a song by the Thai indie band Selina and Sirinya, is dedicated to my friends in Bangkok.

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