"Albinism, Albinism" Part I & II

Denisse Ariana Pérez

2018 - Ongoing

"Albinism, Albinism - An Exploration of Light, Nature and Albinism in East Africa" captures the ethereal beauty of boys born with albinism – an absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair. But, unlike others before it, it is not a documentary piece. While taken in Dodoma, Tanzania, this story doesn’t focus on the country’s history of violence against people with albinism. It doesn’t illustrate the segregation, abuse, dismemberment and murder – fuelled by witch doctors and a belief that people with albinism, especially children, hold magical powers – that the community faces. Instead, "Albinism, Albinism" centres on beauty. It is a celebration of people living with the genetic condition which affects how their bodies produce melanin.

Featuring three boys, Nasibu, Joseph, and Emmanuel, the story was created in continuation of my wider practice of using photography and storytelling to highlight marginalised people, particularly LGBTQI+ and Afro communities. By showcasing my subjects as protagonists and not as victims, I hope to shift the usual narrative. I’m over tragic stories being the only ones told about these communities and about Africa, there’s so much beauty to be brought to light.

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