One Year

Douglas Ljungkvist

2020 - 2021

One Year is a short term project from Prospect Park Brooklyn during Covid-19, March 2020-21. Not because of Covid but rather despite it. With workers laid off and schools closed on and off the park was busier than ever. It became a sort of communal outdoor living room for people looking for some normalcy, to exercise, socialize, and play.

As a photographer I realized that I wanted to start a new body of work to document this important period in time. As much of the early visuals from the first and second waves focused on empty urban streets, people isolating, exhausted hospital workers, I wanted to do something opposite of that. I wanted to capture resilient New Yorker's of every race, demographic, age, attempting to get through this, with as much normalcy in the photographs as possible, minus the face-masks and social distancing.

This was also the time of the BLM and 2020 Presidential Elections, that both hosted events on the subjects. With that there was always a larger Police presence than normal in the park which added to the tension. I can imagine especially for black men. This is a fairy small edit from a very large body of work which,

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