Near Past

Doron Oved

2008 - 2018

2008 was the year when I left my hometown Kibbutz Hanita and began my journey with photography. The majority of this collection of images contain different series as well as single images taken between 2008-2018 at my hometown on the border of Israel and Lebanon.

In this ongoing project I question time, memory, distance and nearness through photographs, materials, photo installation and ready made objects. One of my main interests is the gap between the past and the present. I find it interesting that only by being, I am holding memories as if they are still alive. while looking at the present I can see the past in it. For instance: The black and white photograph of the chair was taken at 2008 in the same space where Gvul Gallery is standing today. As proof of change and memory, I took a photograph of the printed image 10 years after at the same space, representing the past, near past and the present. Another example is the black and white photograph of my grandmother sitting in the middle of the forest road. When overviewing my negatives from the photoshoot, I found another image of her taken more closely. I decided to put that image on top of the other, describing visually her non-existence beside her vivid presence.

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  • My Grandfather Mother, 2010

  • The Reference Room, 2014-2018

  • Chair, 2008

  • Chair, 2018

  • Savta, 2008-2018

  • Untitled, 2014-2018

  • Hadar, 2008

  • The Way Out, 2008

  • Bomb shelter corridor, 2010

  • Installation view, Gvul Gallery, Kibbutz Hanita, Israel, 2018

  • My window, 2014

  • Three generations, 2008

  • Untitled, 2016

  • Untitled, 2016

  • Untitled, 2016

  • Untitled, 2016

  • A photograph of Hanita that I received from my grandmother.

    Installation view, Gvul Gallery, Kibbutz Hanita, Israel, 2018