The Castle

Dominik Wojciechowski

2019 - 2020

Poznań, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland

The way we create and embellish our environment, says a lot about our character (M. Kubacka). What happens though, when the process gets interrupted by the third party? My mother is being in separation with her ex-husband for about 15 years now, and after that he moved out in 2016. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean he is absent in the house. From time to time he comes for a weekend, a lot of his stuff is all over the house as well. The pictures have been made between my mom applying for having him registered out, and getting the final decision about it. It is a story about moving on, about trying to end up one life chapter in order to start a new one. The title „Castle” represents the space that could be intepreted, from one hand, as a fortress which provides safety, from the other hand it represents a sand castle we build as a kid. Sand castle though, inspired me to talk about real and serious problem in a deceitful and playful way.

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