Cell Phone Camera - 3x3 Grids of a Nude in the Studio

Dan McCormack

2017 - Ongoing

I am working with a cell phone camera to create 3 x 3 GRID images of nudes. I began to make multiple images of the nude in a grid in 1967 while beginning my MFA in Photography Thesis at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I came back to grids in 1992 with the Nimslo Camera, a Sterio 3D camera. And later with the Action Tracker Camera in 1999, a camera intended to capture images in time.

I have been photographing the nude for over 50 years, exploring different cameras, processes and techniques. From the beginning of my working with the nude, I have been interested in making an image that says something, not just a pretty image. I have been interested in the multiple image and how again time is a part of the dynamic of these images.

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  • GRID SHELL_Lenoir_R_11-16-19.

  • GRID-Blue-Shirt_Lenoir_R_04-23-21

  • GRID-Condensor-Class_Lenoir_R_12-02-21

  • GRID-Eyes -Breasts-2_Lenoir_R_04-09-21

  • GRID-Eyes-Hands-Breasts-5_Lenoir_R_04-09-21.

  • GRID-Fingers-Breasts-2_Lenoir_R_04-23-21

  • GRID-Fingers-Breasts-3_Lenoir_R_04-23-21

  • GRID-Hair-Hands-Breasta_Lenoir_R_09-16-21

  • GRID-Magfying-Glass-w Light_Lenoir_R_07-11-21

  • GRID-Pan-Shadows_Lenoir_R_07-11-21

  • GRID-PLASTIC-MASK_Lenoir_R_11-04-21

  • GRID-Portrait-Expressions_Lenoir_R_08-14-21

  • GRID-Rainbow-Star-Lenoir_R_07-11-21

  • GRID-Red-Plastic-Shadows_Lenoir_R_01-20-22

  • GRID-Reflective-Silver-Ball_Lenoir_R_02-03-22

  • GRID-Rug_Beater_Lenoir_R_11-04-21

  • GRID-Snow-Man_Chaien_Lenoir_R_01-06-22

  • GRID-Thumb-at-Breast_Lenoir_R_11-04-21

  • GRID-White-Netting_Lenoir_R_01-20-22

  • GRID-Yellow-Straw-Hat-2_Lenoir_R_01-06-22