Enrico Di Nardo

2017 - Ongoing


"And then, one day, I found myself contemplating the possibility of the end of it all."

ALL is the acronym of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, the life-threatening illness I was diagnosed on October 20th 2017. On that day, I discovered the sensation of the tangible possibility of the end of existence. It became a solid matter presence which merged the perceptions of the mundane and the cosmic, of sentient and unconscious matter; the separation between the experience of being and the possibility of not being anymore blurred until dissolving.

Through images, I aim to show such psychological experience uniquely accessible through this event. I want to render a visual representation of my mind's effort to embrace the full experience of presence into life, while struggling with detachment from it in the subconscious: the reverberation of the thoughts holding myself tight in the Enigma of Nature which I witness in awe, fear and fascination.

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