Dimitri's Stories


An illustrated guide to greece

Landscape, Travel, Fine Art

With this series of landscapes I attempt to simultaneously undermine and enrich received ideas about Greece, while also reconnecting, through photography, with my country of origin.

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Daily Life, Street Photography, Documentary

An ongoing project on New York's Chinatown, blending the aesthetics and methodologies of street photography and documentary, in an effort to record and preserve poetic everyday moments of life in this community before the neighborhood loses its character to gentrification.

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Oblivious City

Portrait, Daily Life, Street Photography

Some fragments from my wanderings around the streets of New York City.

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I speak of the city

Daily Life, Street Photography, Fine Art

“I speak of the city, shepherd of the centuries, mother that gives birth to us and devours us, that creates us and forgets.” - Octavio Paz

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Nostalgia Foretold

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